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  • Justice is Truth
    in action.
                             - Benjamin Disraeli

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People are God's Church, not a building.
At Peace Community Church, the congregation is a diverse group who are walking together toward God.
The church leadership is appointed and elected from the congregation.  
The official leaders are the Elders and the Council, though many use their God-given gifts and talents throughout this body of Christ.  

There is a place for you - come join us as we journey together.

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Staff (3)

Peace Community Church employs one lead pastor and one secretary.

Pastor Wally

Judy Cassidy

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Elders (0)

Oversee the Spiritual aspects of the congregation and church activities.  

Pastor Wally Pohlmann
Fred Jarvis
Mark Knoppers
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Council (0)

Oversee different aspects of the church but work together to ensure we move in the same direction and in keeping with Peace Community Church's vision and values.  
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Pastor Jon Amendt

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Judy Cassidy

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