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  • Justice is Truth
    in action.
                             - Benjamin Disraeli

Pastors Thoughts (4)

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A Serpentine Situation

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When the Truth is redefined.
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Pastoral Letters - Introduction

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Who are the pastoral letters written to?

What are church leaders called to?   

What are church attenders called to?

How do the answers to these questions apply to today's church?

Come with us as Peace Community Church looks at these teachings of the Apostle Paul.

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Lean Into God

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I know this “Pastors blog” could be very personal, and I will write from my heart, but focusing on myself is not the purpose.  I may share simply a review or the bullet notes of a message, but this is not even close to my desire.  This is a blog where I can speak of some hard lessons I have learned from Scripture, or maybe ideas our society or our church might need to consider, or any other difficult discussion one might want to have.  There may be the odd devotional placed on this blog, maybe simply a thought or a question.
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Coming Soon

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Check in soon for thoughts from our favorite pastor.