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Lean Into God

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I know this “Pastors blog” could be very personal, and I will write from my heart, but focusing on myself is not the purpose.  I may share simply a review or the bullet notes of a message, but this is not even close to my desire.  This is a blog where I can speak of some hard lessons I have learned from Scripture, or maybe ideas our society or our church might need to consider, or any other difficult discussion one might want to have.  There may be the odd devotional placed on this blog, maybe simply a thought or a question.
For this first blog, I realize I need to go back to the beginning of 2016.  During what began as time off to get my thoughts together became a longer time off as my wife’s health and then my own health took an abrupt turn towards much darker considerations.  I have preached more than once on our need to lean on God in every aspect of our lives, but throughout this year I recognized I have not had a complete understanding of “leaning on God”.  

I have used the example of leaning on a pickup truck or fence post but in reality, this is not enough leaning; not the correct picture of leaning on God.  The difficulty with this picture is that when the truck drives away I can still stand on my own, when the post is removed from under my arm I am still standing.  

As we are working through the health issues in our life, I have come to a different understanding of what it means for me to “lean on God.”  Leaning is more reflected by the reality that if and when we step away from God we will fall, not simply stumble and stand back up, but fall flat.  The truth is God asks me to lean on, or trust, in Him.  While the reality is that I need to ask not just for God to support me, but to be carried in God’s arms, to climb right up into His lap.  The struggles of 2016 have shown me that leaning, to place ourselves completely in God’s care, is more than we usually think and therefore harder than we could imagine. 
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