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Pastoral Letters - Introduction

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Who are the pastoral letters written to?

What are church leaders called to?   

What are church attenders called to?

How do the answers to these questions apply to today's church?

Come with us as Peace Community Church looks at these teachings of the Apostle Paul.

In our journey into the Pastoral Letters written by Paul, we will look at what he describes as the main responsibilities of the pastor and leadership of the church at that time. These letters were written to Christians in charge of churches, to Timothy at the church in Ephesus and to Titus at the church in Crete. Paul also intended that these pastors would share the letters with the other leaders in their churches.


What does Paul tell these pastors?

What does he tell the people attending those churches?


Let's go on a journey into the content of these letters to see what today’s pastor and other church leaders need to be mindful of and teach, and what this means for you as a believer and part of the living church of Christ Jesus.


You can listen to more of the information shared about this series on our webpage, here.


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