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Q & A with Pastor John - What Does Christ Do?

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Notes from a Series of Sermons in 1 John
Who do you say Jesus is?
What does Christ do for you?
1 John 1:8 - 2:2
What does Christ do?
Four realities from Pastor John
1.  Take seriously the comprehensive nature of sin.
         There are no exceptions, 
                      no perfect humans,
                      no possibility for mankind to engineer our own salvation
2.  Believers are included in the comprehensive nature of sin
          Rom 3:23 - ALL have sinned and fall short
                      even believers continue to sin
          Recognizing this truth can keep us humble in our walk with God
                            this is why we need accountability with God and with each other
3.  Need for confession
           1 John 1:9 - confess, and God WILL forgive
           Ps 32:1-5
4.  Christ's work of redemption is ongoing.
          1 John 2:2 - Christ was the propitiation (perfect payment) for our sins
                            for ours and the whole world (John 3:16)
          1 John 2:1 - Christ is an advocate (stands in the gap to speak on our behalf)
                            with God the Father
                            God sees us through Christ's righteousness
We cannot become complacent about sin.
God's grace covers our sin, but we it is more than that. - Jesus did not simply take our place, God reconciled the world to Himself through Christ.
What does Christ do for you?
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