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Q & A with Pastor John - What Have I Learned?

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Notes from a Series of Sermons in 1 John

Who do you say Jesus is?
What does Christ do for you?
How are we recognized as followers of God?
Why do I need to study Scripture?
What have I learned? 

1 John 5 is a summary of Pastor John's teaching
Whoever believes 
     Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, 
     born of a virgin, crucified on a cross, 
     buried, rose again in 3 days to be seen by a multitude of witnesses, 
     and now intercedes for us, our advocate, 
claiming this man as our Lord and Saviour,
     they are born of God.
If we truly love God and obey His commandments 
     we will then truly love the children of God, 
     others who claim God's Lordship over their lives. 
God's commandments are not a burden if we truly love God and have God’s love.
Whoever is a true child of God is a victor, 
     overcoming the world simply through our faith.
Then Pastor John says it in a different way - he asks a question
“Who is the one who overcomes the world, but he who believes that Jesus is the Son of God?”
    There is a question mark at this end of this sentence; I believe it is asking the question ‘which Christ’, do you believe in?
         Because the one who experiences victory, who overcomes the world believes in the true Christ, the Son of God/Son of Man. God incarnate!
    He is the one who came not with water only but with blood as well.
      water - John 1:34, Matthew 3:17     blood - John 19:16-30
There are three witnesses to this
 - the Spirit, living and divine persons/witness
 - the water - Christ's life/ministry
 - the blood - Christ's death & resurrection
Pastor John is saying to his congregation, and to us, 
     we have eternal life through His Son.  And anyone who not just knows the answers to the questions we have looked at 
     but claims Jesus Christ as their Saviour and Lord, 
     has that life, that faith, that victory. 
Pastor John tells ushe wrote these things so all who ‘believe’ in the Son of God, 
- meaning
    those who claim Him as their own Lord and Saviour, 
    those who understand what He did and what He does for us now, 
    those who are recognized as bible thumpers, born again believers, followers of the ‘way’, 
    those who study Scripture to understand Gods commands for us, what we are called to do, the works we are called to walk in -
Pastor John wrote all this so we might know, would have confidence that we have eternal life.  God hears us and will give life to all who ask for it.
“Little children, guard yourselves from idols.”
  An idol is something we look to icon or a hero both take our mind, our eyes off of God.
  Listen to God so you won't be in danger.
Our Faith is personal; I believe this is what Pastor John is telling us.  
Is your faith personal?
- knowing who you follow
- knowing what He does for you
- knowing how you live to be recognized as His child
- knowing God's Word so you can discern His truth
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